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What is All-Star Dental Academy?

All-Star Dental Academy is online training and certification for dental practices, utilizing phone service skills and productive scheduling to increase profitability and enhance the patient experience. All-Star Dental Academy is not static. It is always evolving and growing. The program is composed of the best instructors, experts, and contributors in dentistry. It’s all about you – the dentist and the team member.

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Benefits of Phone & Scheduling Training

Focused training on phone skills and productive scheduling will provide a massive improvement in your practice’s profitability and help your quality of life.

Convert calls to patients

With better phone and verbiage techniques, more calls are converted to patients and are scheduled productively.

Retain patients

Patients appreciate premium customer service and stay loyal.

Improved case acceptance

Because you began building rapport with the patient over the phone, and scheduled the appointment productively, case acceptance improves.

Happier staff & lower turnover

A more knowledgeable and competent staff is more confident and happier in the service they provide patients. Satisfied staff stay longer.

More referrals

Training helps your staff provide an improved patient experience, which leads to happier patients that refer friends and family.

More free time & improved profitability

Scheduling and phone training makes your practice more efficient, so you make more money in less time.

Missed Phone Call Conversions

Even marginal improvements in answering the phone can lead to massive increases in top line revenue and referrals. Imagine if your team could convert an additional patient per month… just one… you could add an additional $60,000 a year in revenue.


Extra Call Converted


Lifetime Value




$ Missed Revenue

Broken & Changed Appointments

Broken & changed appointments are huge production killers. It is difficult enough to run a dental practice, and now you have money stolen right from your pocket. If the doctor has one broken appointment per week and doctors time is $500 an hour, and hygiene has two broken appointments a week and they are $100 an hour each… That’s $600 times 50 weeks, which is $30,000.


Broken Appointment per week


$ Hourly Production 


$ Lost Monthly Revenue 


$ Lost Yearly Revenue 

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Quick Start On-Boarding Training Program
Phone Success Comprehensive Training Program
Scheduling Advantage Comprehensive Training Program
Step by Step Action Plans for Doctor & Team
Detailed Course Study Guides
Unlimited Certifications with AGD PACE credit
Dental Resource Library
Study Club Group Coaching
Expert Webinars
All-Star Scheduling Forum

Training Highlights

The All-Star Dental Academy phone and scheduling training program covers many critical topics. Click on the video to your right to view samples of the 20+ hours of content from our three foundational courses. Highlights include establishing a mindset for success, tactics for establishing rapport with callers, a role play demonstrating how to overcome objections, strategies for banishing cancelled appointments, the importance of a patient reactivation system, and the basics of HIPAA compliance.

Our phone and scheduling training courses cover many additional phone and scheduling topics, such as:

Insurance & price questions
Pre-blocking & time management
Rapport building
Emergencies and cancellations
Confirmations & reactivation of patients
& much much more!


“In addition to AACD’s commitment to clinical education, we believe AACD members have an expectation that we will help make their practices more successful. This is why we partnered with All-Star Dental Academy, because they share our commitment to quality & service when providing top-notch training in phone conversion and productive scheduling for dental teams.”

Dr. Bill Blatchford

I challenge any dentist who is dead-serious about growing their practice

All Star Dental Academy is a first-class operation. Their library of interviews and quality of the content they provide is excellent. I challenge any dentist who is dead-serious about growing their practice to set aside time to listen to them

Dr. Bill BlatchfordCEO of Blatchford Solutions
Dr. Lorne Lavine

Every practice should have All-Star Dental Academy training installed alongside their practice management software

All-Star Dental Academy is doing great things. They are helping practices focus on customer service and how to schedule more effectively. Every practice should have All-Star Dental Academy training installed alongside their practice management software.

Dr. Lorne LavineCEO of The Digital Dentist
Dr. Chris Jaghab

All-Star Dental Academy is the only program of its kind

If you plan on doing bigger case dentistry that requires patients to step beyond the boundaries of their insurance plans, then you need an effective way to properly handle these types of calls and All-Star Dental Academy is the only program of its kind. Instead of insincere and mindless scripts, they teach a patient-centered, customer-service oriented system based on authentic, effective communication. I have never found a program like it. And with All-Star’s web-based learning platform, your staff can learn at their own pace from the comforts of their own homes. They’re support is outstanding and they’re always adding additional, relevant content from the industry’s leading practice management experts. If you plan to have an all-star dental practice, then you need All-Star Dental Academy.

Dr. Chris JaghabDentist
Dr. Chris Phelps

Extremely Ethical and your staff will love working with them!

When you think of All Star Dental Academy, the first thing that comes to mind is Training with Integrity. There are numerous other trainers out there who are focusing on unethical ways of training and it shows in how ineffective their programs are as well as the number of staff resistances to them. With All Star, you DON’T get that. Great team. Extremely Ethical and your staff will love working with them!

Dr. Chris PhelpsDentist
Hollie Bryant

This is It!! Your patients will appreciate your investment in your team and you will appreciate your investment in your practice! Five Starts for Five Star Service!!

I took the All-Star Dental Academy journey myself before I engaged my clients to join me on this service based journey. The information is applicable, achievable and implementable in any type of practice. If you have been holding out for a program that trains your team on how you believe your patients should be treated … This is It!! Your patients will appreciate your investment in your team and you will appreciate your investment in your practice! Five Starts for Five Star Service!!

Hollie BryantCEO of Bryant Consultant
Dr. Tanya Brown

Get all team members on-board quickly

As a practicing dentist and consultant, I know that an effective schedule is critical for a successful practice. All-Star Dental Academy is the most cost effective way I’ve seen to get all team members on-board quickly and on the path to implementing efficient scheduling techniques. All-Star Dental Academy works as a stand-alone training program or a wonderful tool to use with dentists and consultants.

Dr. Tanya BrownSpeaker, Consultant, and Owner of the Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry
Dr. Karene Blair

We’ve already begun to reap the benefits of the training.

I wanted to write to you to thank to you and the staff of All-Star Dental Academy. I had been desperately seeking a phone and scheduling training solution for my practice. All-Star training program has provided that solution. The courses have been organised so in such a way that it makes it easy to work at your own pace. And because I’m in International; the ability to access the training online is invaluable. The website has a wealth of information and the bonus webinars cannot be beat! The quality of the modules and expertise lent by the various professionals provide invaluable information and training. We enjoy our time training together and have been able to implement much what we’ve learnt immediately. We’ve already begun to reap the benefits of the training. We look forward to your continued support and more of the great products All-Star Dental Academy has to offer!

Dr. Karene BlairDentist
Rachel Wall, RDH

All-Star Dental Academy is a wonderful tool that I recommend to all my offices and colleagues

Much of my work is teaching teams proper scheduling techniques. All-Star Dental Academy is a wonderful tool that I recommend to all my offices and colleagues. It makes learning easy. They have wonderful resources, instructors, of which I’m one, and most importantly they are great people. Thank you All-Star Dental Academy for your leadership.

Rachel Wall, RDHPresident & founder of Inspired Hygiene
Marilee Sears, RDH

It’s the best, most thorough, comprehensive training for scheduling and phone skills that I’ve seen!

You’ll never be successful if you don’t get patients to schedule and commit to your office-before they ever walk through the door. The first impression a patient gets of your office are most often through a phone call. That is why I’m so excited about All-Star Dental Academy. It’s the best, most thorough, comprehensive training for scheduling and phone skills that I’ve seen! If you want to reduce your stress and increase your practice’s production, All-Star Dental Academy is the way to go!

Marilee Sears, RDHPresident & Founder of Marilee Sears Coaching and The Future of Dentistry Event
Dr. Ron Richardson

My team is more productive and my patients are happier

As a practicing dentist and former president of the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, I am no stranger to training programs. I understand the significant benefits that a consistent approach to customer service and scheduling training brings to a practice. It’s hard work, but the payoff is phenomenal. My team is more productive and my patients are happier. I highly recommend All-Star Dental Academy as a fantastic resource in dentistry.

Dr. Ron RichardsonPast President of the FACD and dentist/owner of Creating Beautiful Smiles, Ronald E. Richardson, DDS
Lisa Spradley

Very BEST level of customer service

The All-Star Dental Academy is, in my opinion, a must needed resource for any dental team that wants to take their practice to the very BEST level of customer service!

Lisa SpradleyThe Front Desk Lady
Angela Donovan

Practice with honor and integrity

You believe in the same things I do. Practice with honor and integrity. Be honest with your patients. It’s not about always closing the sale. They should have you  go out to the dental schools and teach these graduating dentists how they should run their practices.

Angela DonovanPresident of The New England Dental Office Managers
Vicki McManus

Customer-Service Genius

Heather is a million-dollar customer-service genius.

Vicki McManusCEO of The Productive Dentist Academy
Katherine Eitel

All-Star Dental Academy is a gift to dentistry

One of my most popular training programs focuses on patient communication and telephone training. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that All-Star Dental Academy embodies many of the same principles that I teach. Dentistry needs more champions who spread the message of a “patient-first” mindset. All-Star Dental Academy is a gift to dentistry.

Katherine EitelCEO & Founder of Lioness Learning and Katherine Eitel and Associates

Our Philosophy is…

World-class training taught by the best in dentistry. Our focus is on helping you build rapport with patients, which leads to improved profitability and more free time.

All-Star Dental Academy


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Earlier this year, the executive team from All-Star Dental Academy  had the pleasure of attending the Seattle Study Club Symposium (their big annual dental meeting) held at the Ritz-Carlton, in Amelia Island, Florida.

If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting one of the beautiful Ritz-Carlton properties in the US or abroad, you are truly lucky.  The Ritz has become the pinnacle of luxury and the epitome of top customer service in the hospitality industry.

Every single detail at the Ritz is carefully thought out; from the employee’s uniforms (which are more like designer suits), to the tiny hand cloths in the bathroom, and everything in between; every aspect of your visit has been considered for its appeal.

I noticed that every time I visited the ladies room, every single roll of toilet paper was delicately folded into that little point.  It seemed like as soon as I left the room and peeked back in, there was that little point folded neatly again, as if I had never even been there.  I jokingly would tell my colleagues that I thought they must have hired little bathroom elves to sneak in and perfectly fold the bathroom tissue after each use.

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Study Club #7: The Insurance Question


Whether you are fee-for-service or accept insurance, I’m certain you hear daily…

“Do you take my insurance?”

Sometimes this can be frustrating because it seems that patients are judging your office just based upon whether you take their insurance or not. And guess what, they are!

Now, there are three ways you can handle this question.

The first is you can just answer the question straight away. I guarantee you, nine times out of ten, this will be a very short conversation. And even if you do take their insurance, answering the question immediately is a big mistake!

Another approach that many dental training companies will teach is not to answer the question at all, or deflect the answer (even if you know you don’t take their insurance) with a “We’ll figure out insurance when you get here for your appointment.” In other words, they are asking you to outright lie about taking a specific insurance, or avoid giving an answer. But when the patient comes into your office –  disaster strikes!

We are going to teach you a third way. Here is an excerpt of the All-Star way in handling The Insurance Question:

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Risky Business: Where’s The Danger & How To Prepare – Dr. Roy Shelburne


Dangers abound to the vitality of your practice and your future success. It is possible not only to survive but to thrive in the midst of today’s challenges…if you are prepared. Knowledge is power so come learn: what you need to know, what you need to do, and what you can achieve if you are willing to face those challenges head on, without fear or hesitation.

We had the great honor to interview, Dr. Roy Shelburne about Risky Business: Where’s The Danger And How To Prepare.

Dr. Shelburne discussed:

  • The 5 biggest threats to the success of your practice
  • Systems that address and protect against the threats that exist
  • How to be prepared for the challenges to your practice

Here is a short audio clip from the webinar, where I ask Dr. Shelburne, “What is going to stop me from doing the things that can get me into real trouble?”

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